When Is It Safe After The Removal Of Asbestos?

Theoretically, after removal of asbestos, it is safe to enter the premises after 48-72 hours as the fibres and particles of asbestos take that much time to settle down unless they are not disturbed even by the slightest movement of air. If it is not removed by a professional ASBESTOS REMOVAL service then it becomes necessary to test the air to check whether the air is liveable or not as there can be chances of a high amount of fibres and minute particles of asbestos in the air. Moreover, the slightest movement in the air can bring the fibres and particles of asbestos back in the air because they are very small and inconspicuous in size.


If you have some damaged items containing asbestos in your home then you should try to remove then as soon as possible to ensure the safety and health of you and your family. If you are unable to do it yourself then you must call a professional service for this purpose. They can remove it safely with the help of their experience, expertise, and equipment required for this purpose. The risk of getting infected by the fibres of asbestos can increase as long as you remain in the premises containing damaged items with asbestos in them. The time taken to remove such damaged asbestos-containing materials can depend upon the number of removable materials and the type of removal process used.


The fibres of asbestos are very small in size as they cannot be seen with naked eyes. You can see a lot of fibers of asbestos in the piece broken from the main item that can be classified as debris. Being smaller than 1/10th of your hair the fibres of asbestos are extremely light in weight. They can remain in the air for up to 48-72 hours. They can again go into the air if they are disturbed due to any kind of vibration in the surface on which it has settled down or even by the slightest movement of air. So, it is necessary to remove damaged asbestos carefully from the site with the help of professionals to get a safe and healthy environment as soon as possible.


The time taken by professional asbestos removing services to provide you a safe environment can depend upon certain factors like:

OCCUPANCY OF THE PROPERTY: Damaged asbestos has to be removed from your home very carefully as slight disturbance can spread its fibers in the air, which can be harmful to you and your family. If your property is not completely vacant then it may take a longer time to complete the process. In a completely vacant property, it may take at least 48 hours to give you a safe environment after removing the damaged asbestos.

SIZE OF THE PROPERTY: The time taken to remove the damaged asbestos completely from your home can also depend upon the size of the property to be cleared out if it is completely vacant. You can also use plastic sheets to separate the affected area, to keep you safe if you cannot vacate it completely.

TYPE OF TECHNIQUE USED: Normally invasive techniques are used to remove damaged items containing asbestos effectively. But if some other technique is used for this purpose than it can increase the time taken in completing the task.

So when you find any damaged item in your home containing asbestos material in it then you should call a professional service as soon as possible. You should choose an experienced service provider in your area to remove damaged asbestos fast, carefully and effectively from your premise.

After removing the damaged asbestos, professional service providers will also check the quality of air in your premises to tell you the time taken to give you a safe and asbestos-free environment. Normally it takes a minimum of 48 hours to clean the air from the tiny fibers and particles of asbestos after its complete removal. But it can increase if they are disturbed by the slightest movement of air or vibration in the contaminated surface.

To know more in this regard you should consult a certified ASBESTOS REMOVAL service in your area.


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